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General aviation in figures from AERO Friedrichshafen

There are currently 617,000 issued pilot’s licences worldwide, and around 360,000 licenced General Aviation aircraft in existence. This makes the number of licenced aircraft used in General Aviation twice as high as in the commercial airline sector.

AERO Friedrichshafen

Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone: First Order of General Aviation Vehicle Financial Leasing Delivered

Recently, the delivery of a Ka-32A11BC helicopter that the SPV by Shanghai Guojin Leasing Co Ltd in the Pilot Free Trade Zone leased to Shandong General Aviation Service Co Ltd by way of financial leasing was completed, which becomes the first successful transaction of general aviation vehicle financial leasing operation since the setup of the Pilot Free Trade Zone.

International Business, Qu Xiao Li

Czech General Aviation Industry Lands in Chengdu

The project initiation ceremony of Czech General Aviation Industry partnering with Kaile Company to land in Chengdu was held on 16th. Czech Industry and Trade Minister, representative of Czech Embassy in China and Sino-Czech Business Delegation was present at the spot. Many private sports planes came to Chengdu for the first time, and a Czech flight show team showed their special flight skills.

People’s Net, Dong Liang

Guangdong Provincial Military Area Investigate and Research in Zhuhai Helicopters – Planning to Construct Low Altitude Flight Protection Site

Middle of March, Logistics Department of Guangdong Provincial Military Area visited Zhuhai Helicopters, China Southern Airline (hereafter abbreviated as “Zhucopter”) to investigate and research. The provincial military area plans to construct a low altitude flight protection site at Zhuhai Jiuzhou Airport, elevate the capacity of using civilian low altitude flying object to deal with war and emergency situations.

CAIGA acquires US planemaker in historic deal

BEIJING - China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co Ltd (CAIGA) announced on Tuesday that it has signed an agreement to acquire Cirrus Industries Inc (Cirrus), the first acquisition of an aircraft maker that a Chinese aviation company made in the United States and Europe.
Cirrus is the second-largest manufacturer of single-engine general aviation aircraft in the world, behind Cessna, in terms of the number of planes delivered. General aviation refers to all aviation excluding military and commercial jets.

China Daily

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