The 10th China Airshow: Aviation Funds have Opportunity to Fly ARJ21

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June 25th this year, C919 mobile general assembly line smoothly passed pre-inspection and acceptance and was delivered. China Commercial Aviation says it will guarantee that the first C919 large scale passenger plane come off the assembly line by the end of the year, and the annual production goal is met. Whether more of the C919 can be revealed during China Airshow is undoubtedly worth expecting.


ARJ21 Delivered This Year, Might be Available for Test Flight During This Airshow


As the first new regional aircraft over which our country owns complete IP rights, ARJ21 bears the historic mission of competing with the CRJ series of Bombardier and the ERJ series of Embraer international market.


April this year, domestic made ARJ21-700 new regional aircraft completed natural icing test flight, and completed 30 thousand km round-the-globe flight; June this year, ARJ21-700 new regional aircraft was delivered and completed first flight. According to information, after airworthiness certification, the first lot of ARJ21-700s will be delivered to Chendu Aviation for commercial operation.


And most probably, some lucky visitors of China Airshow can experience the charm of ARJ21-700 in the sky before passengers of Chengdu Aviation. During the coordination meeting for the operation of 10th China Aviation Exhibition held June 29th to July 1st this year, China Commercial Aviation specifically expressed, it will send the to-be-delivered real ARJ21-700 planes to join the airshow and invite users to experience this brand new domestic made civilian jet.


New Strength Add for Modern Ark 700


As MA 60s operating safely in hundreds of international flight lines and MA 600 gradually going into the world, the development and manufacture of MA 700 plane has also been brought into schedule. According to publicized material, MA 700 is positioned for medium load regional air transportation market of less than 800 km, and MA 60 plane series have basically established a new layout of multi-model and multi-purpose, covering passenger model, transportation model, business model, marine surveillance model, etc. In the future, it will form a complete spectrum of Chinese civilian planes together with domestic made planes like C919, ARJ21. Whether we can see MA 700 during this airshow is also worth expecting.


In the overall background of China low altitude airspace reform, general aircrafts will play more and more important roles in China Airshow. China Airshow is really the main field for Leadair AG300: from its R&D design to its manufacture, all processes are carried out in Zhuhai, not only it is really the first plane to be developed and manufactured in Zhuhai, but also it fills the gap of Guangdong Province in aviation manufacture. Leadair AG300 just finished its first flight in Zhuhai recently, and it’s not hard to imagine, taking the advantage of the convenient airshow which is close to its headquarters, Leadair AG300 will definitely perform some amazing activities during the airshow.


Dragon 600 Expected to Show Its Real Physicality


Also joining the show is China’s representative new generation special aviation product Dragon 600.


According to reports of China Aviation Newspaper, the R&D of Dragon 600 has come to the stage of manufacturing engineering, production of fuselage and components has begun, and manufacture of large components is to be finished and Airborne Equipments to be delivered by the end of the year, and first flight planned for the end of 2015. Considering these, based on the display of sample model of the head of the aircraft, it is expected more of the physicality of Dragon 600 are to be revealed during this airshow.

Source: Zhuhai Airshow Company

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