AviClub's Success Virgin Flight of First Domestic Low Altitude Air Line, Zhuhai - Yangjiang - Luoding Air Line Opened

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10:40 am May 28th, in the rumbling of engines, the Cirrus SR20 plane of AviClub Aviation Club under China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co leaped off Zhuhai Jinwan Airport. This is not a usual flight, but a flight following the first domestic low altitude air line: Zhuhai - Yangjiang - Luoding.

In recent years, reform in low altitude air traffic control of our country has been steadily pushed forward, and Zhuhai is one of the earliest regions to be included as pilot site of low altitude air traffic control reform.  In June 2012, National Air Administration Committee and Aviation Control Department of the Air Force jointly decided to plan for the trans-airports low altitude training air line of Zhuhai Sanzao Airport - Yangjiang Airport - Luoding Airport. November that year during China Airshow, Zhuhai General Aviaiton Service Station revealed itself and became the first general aviaiton service station in our country. However for some reasons, the air line hasn't been opened ever since. Thanks to the strong support for general aviation from the government, AviClub is lucky to become the first general aviation company to "taste the crab". After early stage planning, application and necessary coordinations, AviClub's flight B-9768 took off from Zhuhai Jinwan Airport 10:40am in the morning of 28th. Afterwards, the plane soundly landed at Luoding Airport. Afterwards, the AviClub B-9768 followed the same way back, stopped at Yangjiang Airport, and safely landed at Zhuhai Jinwan Airport at 13:15.

"Although a flight of 2 hours and 35 minutes is short, it condensed the efforts of a lot of people from general aviation sector. " Person in charge of AviClub said. The "ice breaking effort" of openning the low altitude air line by AviClub has a landmark significance for promoting general aviaiton industry in Guangdong.

AviClub Aviation Club is invested and founded by China Aviation Industry General Aviation Co. Ltd, with the business focus on private pilot license training, private flight activities, plane bailment, plane marketing and aviation service. The AviClub flagship club in Zhuhai was put into operation January this year, and the planning for the two clubs in Jinmen and Shijiazhuang is also about to be finished. "In the future, AviClub will complete the layout of 50 chain clubs nation wide." the person in charge said.

Source: Zhuhai District News 2015.5.30

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