Enthusiastic "Surface Air Interaction" between New Octavia Car and Planes in Zhuhai Airshow Center

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Dawn May 18th 2014, the sky is remarkablly clear after rain in Zhuhai Airshow Center. As four planes dart through the sky, the "Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Skoda Brand Octavia Launch Ceremony" was pushed to its climax. This is the first occasion of car plane "surface air interaction" activity being organized, which is not only a magnificent and awesome car launch, but also an innovative and ever surprising vision feast. About 100 distinguished guests including Leaders of different brands from Volkswagen Shanghai, car distributors and authorized media  paticipated the launch ceremony.

That night, in the huge mobile tent setup on center show ground of the airshow center, all importent friends gathered around. As the MC announced the official opening of the ceremony, the mobile audience section slowly moved closer to the stage, and the long aspired brand new Skoda Octavia car was officially revealed, with the LED screen playing its advertisement video. As the distinguished guests were indulged in the curiosity and appreciation of the new model, the MC announced the brightest feature of the ceremony, - a flight show, - was going to take place. In order to enhance the visual effect, the organizer invited the world famous "British Global Star Flight Areobatic Team" to perform during the ceremony. On the ground, the new Octavia demonstrate its driving performance, and in the sky, four planes roll and tumble and show the incredible "air ballet", and this perfect combination of car and planes, driving and flying, speed and power brings a paramount visual feast for the guest. Every guest there was attracted by this unique way of car launching, and there was endless cheerings and applaudings.

According to the organizer, this is the first time this kind of "surface air interaction" of car and planes being carried out in the country, and it opens a brand new mode for car launch ceremony. And this all thanks to Zhuhai Airshow Center with the advantages of outdoor exhibition ability and professional flight performance space, which provides the perfect location for this "surface air interaction".

Source: Zhuhai Airshow Co. Ltd; 2015.5.22

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