Low Altitude Airspace Opening-up and Expanding, Beijing and Lanzhou to Become Pilot Sites

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5 areas including Beijing and Lanzhou have submitted execution plan.


After the pilot sites of Changchun and Guangzhou, the low altitude airspace management reform pilot sites are expected to expand. Previously related authorities have been collecting feedbacks and planning to expand the pilot sites to major military regions beyond Changchun and Guangzhou. Currently 5 regions including Beijing and Lanzhou have already submitted their respective pilot site planning and execution strategy.


November last year, the State Council and Central Military Committee issued the Opinions Concerning Deepening of Low Altitude Airspace Management Reform in Our Country (hereafter referred to as “the Opinions”), which clearly demands that, during testing stage before 2011, based on reforming pilot sites of Changchun and Guangzhou airspace management regions,  deepening pilot sites will be established in Shenyang and Guangzhou flight control zone.


According to information,  currently low altitude airspace management reform has brought preliminary results, and as the organization to carry out national air traffic control, the Air Force is working hard to research and develop low altitude airspace management related legislations and standards, including low altitude airspace classification standard, low altitude airspace access standard, low altitude airspace operation management specifications.


According to spirit of “the Opinions”, the airspace partition of pilot sites will be referred to during establishment of expanded area of airspace; And according to requirement of related practical measures, based on the experiences from Changchun and Guangzhou pilot sites, related government sectors will also develop specific measures and guidelines. Besides, landmark achievement will also be seen in legislation related to general aviation and airspace management.


Besides, Transient Measures for General Aviation Subsidy Management also has basically been completed, expected to be put into action within the year. The subsidy measures will lean towards those operations of more social benefit  like air rescue operations by general aviation companies.


According to data from Civil Aviation Bureau, there will be more than 1500 billion RMB of investment in Chinese civil aviation, and annual passenger throughput will reach 4500 million person-times by the end of “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, the fleet including general aviation planes will reach more than 4500 planes. Among these, general aviation has been designated as part of strategic new industry planning, which needs to be favored, and 3 to 5 demonstration aviation companies are going to be founded and politically favored.

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