MVP Plane Powered by #97 Gasoline to be Introduced on Zhuhai Air Show

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During the general aviation event (The EAA Annual Convention and Fly-In) on 27th of July, 2014 in the US, Seaplex Company from the US will formally publicize the cooperation with China Hanxing Group, and bring forth for the whole world a product with brand new design concept – MVP (Most Versatile Plane). The Design team of MVP are highly experienced, who designed the Cirrus SR series planes as well as SF60 single engine 7 seat turbo jet engine business plane.


The success cooperation of China Hanxing Group and Seaplex Plane Manufacturing Company is a landmark for Chinese general airplane manufacturing industry. As share holder of Seaplex Plane Manufacturing Company, Hanxing Group holds 17% share of the latter, and owns exclusive manufacturing right and dealership in Asia area. Meanwhile, Hanxing Group will establish its own MVP plane manufacturing base, thus realizing the domestication of matured advanced plane manufacturing industry from the US.


The most dazzling feature of the MVP plane is that it uses the Germen Rotax engine, and fuel on #97 automobile gasoline. Compared to general airplanes fueling on aviation gasoline or aviation kerosene, it would be more convenient and quickly for users to refuel, therefore it is a big trend of general aviation which suits the situation of China.Hanxing General Aviation will receive orders from clients of Asia area. Chinese clients can enjoy the 4S style services of this plane even within the country.


At present, MVP plane has been issued the US LSA certificate, and according to the civil aviation airworthiness working conference recently held, in the future China’s policy regarding preliminary and light airplane airworthiness certification will be eased gradually, at the same time, Hanxing General Aviation Research Institute which subordinate to Hanxing Group will help the MVP company completing airworthiness certification by China Civil Aviation Bureau.


According to information, under elaborated planning by Zhuhai Hanxing General Aviation Co. Ltd, the MVP planes shown during the EAA Convention will be transported to China after the event, and will make their first appearance during Zhuhai Air Show on December 11th of this year.

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