Listed Companies Layout in UAV Market

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Ruan Run Sheng, Securities Times Correspondent

The Hotness in unmanned aviation vehicle concept never goes down. On September 18th, Tongyu Heavy Industry, another listed company announced a 20 million RMB investment package to setup a subordinate company, so that mass production of UAV as well as other general aviation equipment can be carried out as soon as possible. Recently, listed companies like Elecpro, Ligeance Mineral, China Baoan, Zongshen Power have already crossed their industrial boundaries and enters the area of UAV via cooperation with research institutes or international purchases.

According to Tongyu Heavy Industry, the company invested 20 million RMB to setup a subordinate company, Jiangsu Haijie Aviation Equipment Science and Technology Ltd, with its operational range covering general aircraft technology, mechanical components manufacture, sales of metal material and  intelligent control system, promoting research and development  as well as professionalization and industrialization of aviation equipments and components.

In fact, as early as December last year, Tongyu Heavy Industry already began working together with No. 27 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, entering UAV industry, and planning for cooperation in UAV research, development and manufacture, system applications as well as other areas, so that certain scale can be reached within 3-5 years. Currently, Haijie Aviation has signed the order for its first UAV, hopefully mass production can be carried out very soon.  Ligeance Mineral, the mining company, announced on September 15th that, the company will work together with Engineering Thermal Physics Research Institute of China Academy of Science, co-investing 253 million RMB to setup Chengdu CAS Aviation Engine Co. Ltd, in order to carry out research, development, manufacture and maintenance of UAV and executive jet engine series. Worth noting, it was revealed in the announcement that the engines will meet requirements by the new version of State Military Standards.


Elecpro, which has focused its main business in domestic appliances, also announced stock dividend policy on September 13th, planning to fund raise no more than 700 million RMB, which is mainly invested to R&D projects of coaxial twin rotor helicopters, UAVs and aviation engines, besides paying back bank loans. Since the carrying out of general aviation business development strategy, Elecpro has been laying out in UAV business via series of oversea asset purchases. For example, the purchase of the technological assets and prototype planes of the German SkyTRAC/SkyRIDECoaxial Twin Rotor Helicopter Project, which makes it a global manufacturer in the field of civilian coaxial twin rotor helicopter and UAV.


Besides, Tiger Space and Aeronautic Technology Company controlled by China Anbao chooses to cooperate with Harbin Industrial University to develop a special purpose 15 meter wingspan carbon fiber composite material UAV general platform of some model for exporting, of which the project delivery and acceptance have been completed. Zongshen Power reveals they will work together with Tianjin Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute to carry out their strategic layout in the field of UAV.


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