China-US General Aviation Cooperation Welcomes New Beginning

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In the morning of April 15, 2015, which is the second day of ABACE 2015,Ms. Wang Xia, Director-General of General Aviation Committee of China Air Transportation Association, had a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Geoffrey Jackson, Executive Director of US-China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP), at Textron’s VIP room in the exhibition venue.  Both parties saw great cooperation potentials and believed specific programs to be the starting point of cooperation. Director-General Wang Xia put forward 5 cooperation points:

1.      Research and discuss collaboratively the projects each party plans to carry out, and take solid and feasible projects as the starting point of cooperation;

2.     Organize China-US General Aviation Corporate Seminars to facilitate understanding of the issues Chinese general aviation corporate face;

3.     ACP to provide assistance to General Aviation Committee of China Air Transportation Association in organizing Chinese general aviation companies’ tour of investigation in US, in its efforts to understand  US general aviation development mode. In the meantime, General Aviation Committee of China Air Transportation Association will help ACP to organize US general aviation companies’ business investigation in China;

4.     Introduce some contents of China’s general aviation research report conducted by ACP into China’s general aviation development report;

5.     Establish effective cooperation mechanism, appoint contacts, meet regularly, discuss relevant collaborative projects.

Mr. Geoffrey Jackson agreed with the above points and accepted the invitation to visit General Aviation Committee of China Air Transportation Association in a near future.


On April 6, 2004, US Trade Development Agency and Civil Aviation Administration of China signed the US-China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) Memorandum at China-US Aviation Cooperation Forum, and officially launched the program.

ACP has six specialized committees: airspace and environment committee, airport committee, general aviation and regional aviation committee, leadership and professional development committee, manufacturing and airworthiness committee, aviation economic policy team. Each committee is to lay down collaborative programs and implement them with Civil Aviation Administration of China.

ACP is mainly comprised of US government members and US aviation enterprises. US government members include US Trade Development Agency, US Federal Aviation Administration, Economy Department of US Embassy in China, Commerce Department of US Embassy in China and US Department of Homeland Security. Company members include 42 companies such as Boeing, HP, Honeywell, UPS.

ACP office is located in the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

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