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Read about the companies from Ontario joining the 2014 China Airshow in Zhuhai.

Company Information

Company Name: Aversan Inc.                           

Sub-sector(s): Engineering Solutions


Participant(s) Information

  Participant Name: Thaddeus Sherlock 

  Working Title: CEO

  Email: tsherlock@aversan.com

  Participant Name: Sidney Qiu

  Working Title: Business Development, Aerospace and Defence  

  Email: sqiu@aversan.com

  Address:  30 Eglinton Avenue West. Suite 500, Mississauga, Ontario Canada, L5R 3E7

  Tel: 416-289-1554

  Fax: 416-289-1554

  Website: www.aversan.com


Corporate Profile for Canadian Pavilion Directory


Aversan is an AS9100C certified global engineering company offering project based solutions and staff augmentation services both on and off site. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, we are leaders in the engineering design, development, and verification of mission and safety-critical systems in both the commercial and military aerospace and defence markets. Our product offering consists of Automated Test Equipment and System Integration Labs.


Our skilled team of experts have the in-depth industry knowledge and experience to be at the forefront of leading edge technology. With a passionate drive for innovation, our people develop value-added solutions that meet customers’ needs with products and services that range across engineering disciplines including hardware, software, systems, test, project, and mechanical.


Aversan focuses on building long-term relationships with our customers by meeting their unique needs for high value, complex projects. By understanding their requirements, we provide complete solutions to their problems, on time and on budget. Aversan has worked on various aircrafts including the Lockheed Martin F-35, COMAC C919, General Dynamics F-16, Boeing C-17, 747, 777, Airbus A350 XWB and many others; building systems that are compliant to DO-178B and DO-254 standards.


Partnership and Business Development Objective


Aversan previously entered the Asian Aerospace and Defence market in China with projects such as COMAC’s C919, and now is seeking to expand its presence in China and the Asian market as a whole. We are looking to advance our expansion through new business opportunities to venture into on our own and/or with strategic partners. Aversan believes that the best partners for us would be organizations in (but not limited to) manufacturing and/or development whom we can form long-lasting relationships with over many opportunities.



Company Information

Company Name: AVICAST INC.



Participant(s) Information

Participant Name: Gavin Rao                            

  Working Title: CEO

  Email: Gavinrao@avicast.com

  Participant Name: Anthony Habra                            

  Working Title: COO

  Email: Ahabra@avicast.com

  Address: 4284 Village Center Court, Mississauga, ON, L4Z1S2

  Tel: 905-306-6996        

  Fax: 905-306-0119

  Website: www.Avicast.com


Corporate Profile for Mission Directory:


AVICAST Inc. aims at reconstructing the aviation market boundaries, by spanning the industry chain beyond geographical border,and reducing cultural and economic distances between core industry participants. The company main goals are to:


•        Lead the industry standardization and commonality initiatives

•        Facilitate capacity planning by leveraging breakthrough technologies

•        Meet the increasing demand for aerospace engineering services

•        Create  collaborative opportunities and help reduce industry rivalry

•        Enable manufacturing excellence across the Value Chain


AVICAST offers a broad range of engineering and consulting services that helps its customers build a competitive edgeby leveraging its knowhow of OEM and MRO industry across Chinese and North American market. 


Partnership and Business Development Objective:


AVICAST Inc. has strong ties with prestigious Commercial and General Aviation organizations across China. The company is well positioned for creating materialized business opportunitiesfor North American aerospace manufacturing and service suppliers.  We can help you expand your Asian footprint by fostering strategic alliances with Chinese OEM suppliersor simply help expand your overseas business and increase your profitability by offering new sales channel or identifying efficient sub-contracting programs for your business.



Company Information

Company Name: Firan Technology Group Corporation

Sub-sector(s):Electronic products and systems


Participant(s) Information

Participant Name: Peter Dimopoulos

  Working Title: VP business development

  Email: peter@ftgcorp.com

  Address: 10 Commander Blvd, Toronto, ON Canada M1S 3T2

  Tel: 416-438-6076

  Fax: 416-438-8065

  Website: www.ftgcorp.com


Corporate Profile for Mission Directory:


FTG is a global corporation offering design, development, prototypes and manufacturing solutions for Aerospace and Defense electronic products and systems.  FTG’s focus is on technology-driven solutions, market leadership and Operational Excellence.  Operating under the FTG corporate banner, the company has two operating units:  FTG Circuits and FTG Aerospace. 


FTG Circuits is a manufacturer of high technology printed circuit boards for HDI, RF, thermal management, rigid flex and flex applications.


FTG Aerospace designs and manufactures high reliability illuminated switch panels, keyboards, MCDU’s, bezels, box-level assemblies and simulation products. 


FTG’s target clients are principal Air-framers and Tier 1 Avionic providers which include Rockwell Collins, Honeywell Aerospace, L3 Communications, GE Aerospace, AVIC and subsidiaries in China, Thales, and Barco etc.


With its technological strength and financial stability, FTG offers innovative engineered solutions, diverse manufacturing capabilities and product life-cycle support through its facilities in the Unites States, Canada and China.FTG has been selected by AVIC subsidiaries to supply various cockpit control panel assemblies (CPA), for the C919 flight deck.  FTG now counts over a dozen cockpit control panel assemblies on the C919 through domestic and western OEM’s. 


Partnership and Business Development Objective:


  • Showcase and demonstrate FTG cockpit control products currently selected for the new COMAC C919 to other China based targets;
  • Highlight FTG’s domestic China (Tianjin) manufacturing operations to domestic and western targets
  • Identify domestic sources for materials to supply our FTG China operations
  • Visit and meet with existing China and Western based customers to review current and new programs
  • Coordinate with Canadian trade commissioners to discuss future cooperation with China based companies



Company Information

Company Name: GasTOPS                           

Sub-sector(s):Propulsion System, Health Monitoring Systems


Participant(s) Information

Participant Name: Duka Kitaljevich

Working Title: VP, Business Development

Email: dkitaljevich@gastops.com

Address: 1011 Polytek, Ottawa ON, K1J 9J3

Tel:  613-744-3530

Fax: 613-744-8846

Participant Name: Moody Li

  Working Title: Director

  Email: MLi@gastops.com

  Tel: 13321181609 

  Website: www.gastops.com

Corporate Profile for Canadian Pavilion Directory


GasTOPS provides advanced products and services for machinery condition monitoring, prognostics and control to operators, maintainers and designers of critical equipment in Aviation, Defense, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Marine applications worldwide. 


For 35 years, the company has supplied innovative fluid sensing and analysis solutions, machinery modeling services, and specialized maintenance support services. Our MetalSCAN on-line oil debris sensor technology, is used on a growing range of aircraft including the F-22, F-35, Eurofighter, PC-12, C-Series, MRJ, MS-21 and A320neo as well as industrial gas turbines from General Electric, Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney. MetalSCAN’s unique full-flow detection capability for metallic particles has set a new standard for early identification of bearing surface fatigue damage, including the ability to estimate the remaining service life.


GasTOPS also supplies advanced oil debris analysis maintenance tools and services for on-site determination of the quantity and metallurgy of captured oil debris particles and condition assessment of the system bearings and gears. 


In addition GasTOPS provides MRO services for specialized electro-optical and hydraulic aviation components as well as a variety of NDT and oil analysis services. GasTOPS’ Canadian facilities are located in Ottawa, Halifax and St. John’s, with a sales office located in Beijing, China.


Partnership and Business Development Objective


GasTOPS seeks to further develop its supplier relationships with the OEMs of aircraft, aircraft propulsion systems, lubrication systems and components, and aircraft health monitoring systems through expansion into the Chinese aviation marketplace both for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Our goal is to develop strategic partnerships with the leading Chinese providers of advanced engines, drivetrains and advanced heath monitoring and prognostic systems for aircraft propulsion systems.


Company Information

Company Name: InternationalTestPilotSchool



Participant(s) Information

Participant Name: Giorgio Clementi                            

  Working Title: President

  Email: g.clementi@itpscanada.com

  Participant Name: David Mitchell                            

  Working Title: Consultant

  Email: dave@hqresearch.com

  Address: 2410BlairBoulevard,London,ONN5V 3Z9

  Tel: 519-457-3625        

  Fax: 519-457-3627

  Website: www.itpscanada.com


Corporate Profile for Mission Directory:


TheInternationalTestPilotSchool(ITPS)is theonlyschoolinCanadaprovidingtrainingformilitaryandciviltest pilotsandflighttestengineers.Thecompanyprovidesacomprehensiverangeoftrainingcourseswhichmeetor exceedinternationaltrainingstandards.ITPSspecializesinprovidingspecifictrainingsolutionstoindividual customerrequirementsnotonlyinflighttestingbutalsoconcerningavionicsandtacticaltraining.ITPShas graduatedtestpilotsandengineersfrom twentythreecountriesworldwidecontributingto thesuccessofnumerous aircraftdevelopmentandcertificationprograms.TheITPSinstructorsareallseasonedindustryexpertsfroma varietyofdisciplinesandmosthavebothcivilindustryaswellasmilitaryexperience.ITPShas particularexpertise incivilhelicopterandtransportaircraftcertification.TheITPStrainingcurriculaexposestudentstoa varietyof modernaircraftandsystemswithoverfiftyfivedifferentaircrafttypesavailabletotheschool.


Partnership and Business Development Objective:


ITPSis knowninChineseflighttestcommunitycircles,both civilandmilitary are indiscussionswithanumberof protagonistsinthe burgeoningChineseaerospacesector regardingjointventuresinflighttesttrainingandflighttestengineering.Ourgoalinattendingthismissionis to demonstrateourcommitmenttotheChinesemarkettoourexistingpartnersandcreateopportunitiestoshowcase ourcapabilitiestopotentialpartnersandcustomers.



Company Information

Company Name: Mxi Technologies

Sub-sector(s):MRO Software


Participant(s) Information

Participant Name: Andy Graham

  Working Title: Director of Sales, Asia Pacific

  Email: andy.graham@mxi.com

  Address: 1430 Blair Place, Suite 800, Ottawa, ON Canada K1J 9N2

  Tel: 613-747-1909

  Fax: 613-747-1909

  Website: www.mxi.com


Corporate Profile for Mission Directory:


Mxi Technologies is a leading provider of integrated and intelligent maintenance management software, support and services catering specifically to the global aviation industry, including commercial and defense operators, third-party MROs, and OEM aftermarket service providers. Mxi Technologies’ suite of Maintenix® software is uniquely designed to maximize the revenue potential of aviation assets through standard, lean, and predictable maintenance. Featuring a modern, Web-based and mobile-enabled architecture, the Maintenix suite delivers advanced capabilities such as controlled workflow, comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboards, automated maintenance and materials planning, point-of-maintenance access to real-time information, and paperless execution and compliance.


Mxi Technologies’ client base reflects the dynamic nature of the aviation industry, with customers ranging from small to midsized organizations to large-scale global enterprises. Although often differing in focus and competency, our customers have joined the evolution of aviation maintenance and share a passion for collaboration, innovation and delivering on best practices. Mxi’s blue-chip customer list includes China Airlines, Air France-KLM, BAE Systems, JorAMCo, AIROD, NetJets worldwide, Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing, LATAM, Qantas, SAAB, and Pratt & Whitney, among other leading organizations.


Partnership and Business Development Objective:


Mxi Technologies is interested in connecting with senior-level representatives at Chinese aerospace OEMs and third-party MROs, as we have identified the region as a key growth region going forward.


Company Information

Company Name: Schwank Ltd.                          

Sub-sector(s):  radiant infrared heating system

Participant(s) Information

Participant Name: Anthony Zhu                            

  Working Title:  Managing Director, China

  Email:  hy.zhu@schwankgroup.com

  Address:   Tianjin, China

  Tel:  13811733968

  Website: www.schwankgroup.com

Participant Name: Steven Huang                            

  Working Title:  General Manager, Qingdao Wuhua Wantong Energy Solutions Co., Ltd (Schwank agent)

  Email:  steven@wuhua.com.cn

  Address:   No. 63 Hongkong Zhong Road, Qingdao, China

  Tel:  13906421958

  Website: www.wuhua.com.cn

Corporate Profile for Canadian Pavilion Directory


Schwank manufactures a broad selection of industrial radiant infrared heating products including indoor and outdoor gas-fired high intensity and tube heaters, and control systems specifically designed for infrared heating. Schwank’s infrared heating systems deliver the highest energy efficiency on the market minimizing wasted heat and delivering more comfort. Gas fired radiant infrared heating systems use infrared heat wave technology to immediately heat objects, imitating the way the sun heats the earth. This means our heaters can provide the same type of warmth as when the sun shines on a cool winter’s day. You can warm the people, not the roof. Compared to our competitors, Schwank heaters are more efficient, and can heat from the highest ceiling heights. With traditional heating systems, too much heat rise to the ceiling. Schwank's products deliver up to 81% radiant efficiency, the highest compared to our competitors, greatly exceeding ANSI’s 35% infrared heater efficiency standard. End users can save up to 65% on their heating bills and lower the carbon footprint by 65%. The use of Schwank heaters can contribute to LEED points. Only Schwank heaters can keep your people comfortable even when mounted as high as 55m above the floor! Our heaters have delivered promised heat savings to the U.S., European and Canadian military bases, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Amazon.com, Walmart, and in China: Siemens, Bombardier, Beijing Capital Steel and FAW. Schwank heaters have been sold in China since 2006, and officially start Schwank china operation from 2014 July.


Partnership and Business Development Objective


Infrared heating is not well known in the market. In general, there are many misconceptions about the technology and safety. One of the main objectives is to teach industrial end users and influencers about the applications of infrared heating and its benefits and to promote Schwank’s commitment to aerospace application, the LEED certified construction and distinctive structural design. End users include military, aerospace, manufacturing, distribution facilities, transportation (maintenance facilities, hangars). Influencers are design institutes and government policy makers. Another objective is to provide information on what infrared products are available in China, and compare the fuel savings and carbon footprint reduction for each product. The ultimate objective is to convince end users and influencers to specify our infrared products in their next heating design. Meeting Partners We would like to meet potential agents and distributors to sell our products, engineers who specify industrial heating systems and policy makers who promote energy savings.



Company Information

Company Name: Tempo Aerospace Inc.                    

Sub-sector(s):Coatings and Chemicals: Paints, Primers and thinner


Participant(s) Information

Participant Name: Ming Tam                            

  Working Title: Regional Manager (East Asia)

  Email: eastasia@tempo-aerospace.com

  Address: 205 Fenmar Drive, Toronto, ON, M9L 2X4 

  Tel: 416-746-2233

  Fax: 416-746-2235

  Website: www.tempo-aerospace.com

Corporate Profile for Mission Directory


Tempo Aerospace is a niche market manufacturer and distributor of coatings (paints and primers) for the aerospace and defense industry.  In house research and development and manufacturing provide our clients with the highest quality coatings. Continually improving on the already high standards, Tempo aims to enhance the customer experience through relationship building and precise execution of client demands. We believe that small opportunities build a great enterprise and collaboration leads to great partnerships.

Partnership and Business Development Objective


“Opportunities multiply as they are seized” Sun Tzu


Tempo represents an opportunity for future growth of your global supply chain and a willing partner in your domestic quest for excellence.  At Tempo we are looking for opportunities in OEM Coatings and repair and overhaul.  We are also available for the contract manufacturing of coatings and custom packaging of like products. Together we can grow a field of opportunity!



Company Information

Company Name: Government of Ontario– International Trade Branch



Participant(s) Information

Participant Name: Lisa Qi

  Working Title: Area Director, China

  Email: lisa.qi@ontario.ca

  Address: 900 Bay St, 6th Fl., Hearst Block, Toronto, Ontario,Canada. M7A 2E1

  Tel: 416-326-1346

  Fax: 416-325-2766

  Website: www.sourcefromontario.com


Corporate Profile for Mission Directory:


Ontario government encourages and supports businesses of all sizes, and helps them innovate and compete in today’s fast changing global economy.


The International Trade Branch assists Ontario companies to access international markets by establishing partnerships and distribution channels, and by providing assistance to foreign parties interested in sourcing Ontario products, technology and services.


If you are international buyer looking to source goods or services from Ontario, visit:   www.sourcefromontario.comor  www.Ontario.ca/exports




Company Information

Company Name: Ontario International Marketing Centre



Participant(s) Information

Beijing Office

Participant Name: Yijun Song

  Working Title: Counsellor (Commercial – Ontario)

  Email: yijun.song@international.gc.ca

  Tel: +86-10-5139-4282

Participant Name: Ginger Jiang

  Working Title: Commercial Officer (Commercial – Ontario)

  Email: jing.jiang@international.gc.ca

  Tel: +86-10-5139-4280

  Address: c/o Canadian Embassy

                 19 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100600 China


Shanghai Office

Participant Name: Philip Wong

  Working Title: Consul (Economic Affairs – Ontario)

  Email: philip.wong@international.gc.ca

  Tel: +86-21-3279-2859

Participant Name: Xiaomei Wang

  Working Title: Commercial Officer (Commercial – Ontario)

  Email: jing.jiang@international.gc.ca

  Tel: +86-21-3279-2908

  Address: c/o The Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai

                 Eco City Building 8th Floor, 1788 Nanjing Xi Lu, Jing An District, Shanghai, 200040 China


Corporate Profile for Mission Directory:


The Ontario International Marketing Centres (IMCs) in Shanghai and Beijing work to attract foreign direct investment to Ontario and to promote awareness of and access to Ontario-produced goods and services. Co-located in Canadian foreign missions, the International Marketing Centres are the first point of contract for business people in China and Ontario who seek more information about doing business in each other’s markets. Services include market intelligence, site location assistance, and connecting international buyers to Ontario exporters.



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